About Macro & Versteeg advocaten

Macro & Versteeg advocaten is a boutique law office specialized in regulated markets, with a particular emphasis on the healthcare and financial markets.

These two markets are characterized by administrative regulation of the entry to the respective markets and the regulation of subsequent business (practices) of parties on that market. Both markets also have supervisors entrusted with administrative enforcement instruments. For example, in the healthcare market it is necessary to get an approval for release of medicinal products in the Netherlands, to be entitled to work as a provider of medical services and for the tariffs for services and products.

Compliance with Healthcare legislation is supervised by, amongst others, the Minister for Public Health, Welfare and Sport, the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate, the Dutch Healthcare Authority and the Authority for Consumers and Markets. The administrative boundaries set forth in the various Acts and Regulations governing healthcare are not always uncontested. Rules and regulations from the Minister for Public Health, Welfare and Sport and policies from the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate can form a hindrance to the business of the parties within that market. Disputes about such rules, regulations and specific decisions from these public authorities form an important part of the practice of Macro & Versteeg advocaten.

Within the boundaries of administrative rules, the actual business of the parties upon the regulated markets is governed by civil law. For example, the collaboration between medical specialists and hospitals or private clinics, the manner in which market parties advertise their services or products, and certain aspects of healthcare insurances, are governed by civil law.

Another example is the selection of healthcare providers by insurers and the adherence to, and execution of, those agreements. Macro & Versteeg advocaten help clients with all aspects of these areas. Other areas of the practice relate to the liability of authorities for acts and decisions that cannot be adjudicated in an administrative procedure, an area in which the lawyers of Macro & Versteeg advocaten have considerable experience and expertise.